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WO2 Donna King - HQ LONDIST

Health and Safety is a dry subject, it's one of those NEED to have qualifications, rather than  want to have! 

To teach such a dry subject takes a certain type of person. Sonia Milton is that person. Her knowledge is second to none. Sonia's enthusiasm for this subject is infectious, keeping the room fully focused,  her teaching methods made the maze of legislation, doctrine and law an easier path to follow, I felt I was given all the correct tools to pass my IOSH Exam with flying colours

Allison Laws - Supplier Development Manager

"I have worked closely with Sonia for many years in various areas.  I found her to be a very knowledgeable and passionate Health and Safety  professional.  She has an excellent approach with people, being able to engage in even the most challenging of situations to achieve successful outcomes.  I look forward to working  with her in the future and would certainly recommend her to anyone who wants a thorough and outstanding job done"

Raymond Hubbocks - Training Advisor - REHIS (Royal Environemental Health Instriture of Scotland)

“Sonia acted in a very positive manner demonstrating obvious enthusiasm for this subject. Her past work experience meant she was able to talk “from experience” and with conviction about the serious nature of having effective health and safety within a working environment.  

Sonia used a variety of teaching and learning resources including PowerPoint, Flip Charts, Group Work and excellent case studies. She allowed candidates to refer to the hand book and suggested ways in which they could prepare for the “touch screen test” as well as the REHIS exam. 

It soon became obvious that Sonia has a high standard of technical knowledge and was able to impart this effectively throughout the day.

Sonia displayed excellent teaching skills throughout, always involving the candidates, interacting with them, using reinforcement and recall regularly.

I was really impressed by many aspects of Sonia’s delivery. These included;

  • Her explanation of the various regulations mentioned in the syllabus.
  • Explanation of the 2 types of health and safety law.
  • Risk assessment, explained very “practically!”
  • Vehicles at work and the hazards relevant to them
  • Workplace Fire and its prevention 

I wish to emphasise that this was an excellent course presented by a thoroughly focused and competent professional”.